March 4, 2013 Shadow Carbon Pricing in the Canadian Energy Sector

Many Canadian companies, especially in the energy sector, are using a shadow carbon price in their current decision-making processes. A shadow carbon price is the expected future price of carbon, reflecting the expected market price or regulatory cost, or the cost of reducing or offsetting carbon emissions.

 January 14, 2013 Carbon Exposed or Carbon Advantaged? Thinking About Competitiveness in Carbon-Constrained Markets

Competitiveness in the context of carbon pricing is generally narrowly understood as the impacts on emission-intensive and trade-exposed (EITE) industries. But competitiveness is a function of many factors, which is why a broader look, as in SP’s new Policy Brief which examines the overall economic impacts of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) on Ontario, is warranted.

 December 21, 2012 2012: A Year in Review
 November 19, 2012 Environmental Markets 2012

A survey and assessment of environmental markets in Canada

 October 15, 2012 Beneficial Corporations Issue Summary

Sustainable Prosperity’s new issue summary discusses the promise of the benefit corporation, the legal problem it aims to repair, and the two routes to achieving benefit corporation status.

 September 11, 2012 British Columbia Carbon Tax Review

Sustainable Prosperity welcomes the opportunity to comment on the British Columbia (BC) carbon tax as part of the BC Government’s review process.

 July 4, 2012 National Environment-Economy Research Network Launched

Government Invests in Canadian Academics to Study the Next Generation of Canadian Environmental Policy

 June 27, 2012 British Columbia's Carbon Tax Shift
The First Four Years

In 2008, BC’s government put one of the world’s highest prices on carbon by introducing a carbon tax on fuel.

 June 21, 2012 SP White Paper
Towards a Green Economy

Canada stands to win from a global movement to a green economy, but to do so it must prioritize a massive push toward greater resource productivity.

 June 5, 2012 Green Bonds

This policy brief examines the role that government can play in developing green bonds by creating a secure policy environment for environmental technologies, in order to create investment opportunities, and provide guarantees and tax incentives.


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