October 6, 2011 Economic Instruments for Water Management in Canada
Case Studies and Barriers to Implementation

Although Canada has abundant freshwater resources, there are regions of the country that are subject to periodic water scarcity. Poor water quality can also exist, particularly in basins where there is significant agricultural, industrial and/or municipal development.

 September 21, 2011 Carbon Pricing in Australia
Lessons for Canada

Australia and Canada are similar in many respects. They are both large, sparsely populated, resource- and trade-dependent countries; they are both among the highest per capita greenhouse gas emitters in the world, have resource-based economies, and they are both expected to be strongly affected by the physical and financial impacts of climate change.

 September 8, 2011 Québec Consultation on Cap-and-Trade 2011

Sustainable Prosperity welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Québec Government's Cap-and-Trade Consultation, and commends Québec for its commitment to public engagement and consultation on an issue of critical importance to its economic and environmental prosperity.

 August 18, 2011 A Carbon Bank
Managing Volatility in a Cap-and-Trade System

A cap-and-trade system can be effective in spurring the transition to a low-carbon economy, if the challenges associated with it, mainly price volatility, are managed.

 July 21, 2011 Carbon Pricing and Fairness

A carbon pricing policy, in the form of a carbon tax or emissions trading system (ETS), is a critical tool for transitioning Canada to a low carbon economy.

 June 22, 2011 Canada and the Green Economy
The Role for Philanthropy

A Sustainable Prosperity Perspective Commissioned by the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network (CEGN) written by Alex Wood (SP Senior Director, Policy and Markets)

 June 16, 2011 Managing Industrial Air Emissions in Canada

A background report to the SP Policy Brief "Options for Managing Air Pollution in Canada".

 June 16, 2011 Options for Managing Industrial Air Pollution in Canada

Air quality continues to be a challenge in Canada, especially in urban and industrial areas.

 June 6, 2011 Advancing the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Canada

A Survey of Economic Instruments for the Conservation & Protection of Biodiversity

 May 31, 2011 Sustainable Prosperity 2010/2011 Report

Canada's future will be framed in large part by our response to two fundamental challenges: one economic and one environmental. At Sustainable Prosperity, we harness leading-edge thinking to build sounds market-based approaches for a greener, more competitive Canadian economy.


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