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 June 9, 2015 Climate change will push Canadian business onside

"If we can get companies putting their innovative genius to work on solving environmental problems, we're going to find solutions that we can't even imagine today," says Stewart Elgie, a professor of law and economics at the University of Ottawa.

 June 6, 2015 The Case for a Carbon Tax

In a welcome development, businesses are asking world leaders to do more to address climate change.

 May 11, 2015 Nova Scotia Should Become the Second Province to Adopt a Carbon Tax

In the words of that respected business magazine, British Columbia's carbon tax has proven itself "a winner" that cuts pollution without hurting the economy.

 April 13, 2015 Provinces can lead in building a low-carbon economy

Building a high performance, lower carbon economy is a critical economic opportunity and a vital environmental responsibility for Canada.

 February 12, 2015 Carbon tax: Some say it has to HURT to really work

Carbon pricing is gaining momentum in Canada but not everyone agrees on what it should look like. A look at a potential policy with both Stewart Elgie, Professor at the University of Ottawa and Philip Cross, former Chief Economic Analyst at Statistics Canada.

 February 9, 2015 Greening Economic Growth: How Can Environmental Regulation Enhance Innovation and Competitiveness?

By: Paul Lanoie

A major challenge facing society is discovering new ways to grow economies without growing environmental impacts, commonly referred to as “decoupling” economic growth from environmental degradation.

 January 22, 2015 B.C.’s carbon tax shift works

B.C. brought in a carbon tax, fuel use dropped 16% while it rose 3% in the rest of Canada.

 January 21, 2015 Carbon Tax a viable option for Alberta

Nicholas Rivers, Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy Policy, University of Ottawa tells BNN that the economics support a carbon tax.

 January 18, 2015 Do carbon taxes work?

Ontario has promised to adopt a carbon pricing system to discourage its residents from buying and using carbon emitting fuels.

 December 11, 2014 The charts every Canadian should watch in 2015

Dozens of economists, analysts, investors and financial bloggers sent us what they consider the most important charts for Canada as we head into 2015

 December 8, 2014 Green bond market takes off

Alex Wood joins BNN to talk green bonds.

 December 8, 2014 Canadian climate bond market surges 78% over year

A new Climate Bonds - Sustainable Prosperity report launched today says that Canadian climate bonds market has surged in 2014. A total of C$28bn in climate bonds has been issued, up 78% over 2013.

 December 8, 2014 Canadian market for 'climate-themed' bonds grows to $28B

Canada’s market for climate-themed bonds totalled $28 billion in 2014, a substantial increase that reflects growing interest in green bonds, according to a report issued Monday.

 December 8, 2014 The growth of green bonds

After sitting on the capital market sidelines for nearly three years, Canadian-issued green bonds entered the game as star players in 2014. In fact, they pulled in $1.2 billion (U.S.) from investors by October, compared to nothing in 2013.

 December 8, 2014 Canada takes big step in growing green bonds market

Green bonds – which raise money for projects that help mitigate climate change – have grown from a niche market to a substantial portion of the fixed income market, a new report says.


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